Geometries created in CAD software e.g. CATIA V5 can be imported into Abaqus/CAE using the “Import” options. Parts can be imported into Abaqus/CAE in the following formats:

  • ACIS SAT (.sat)
  • IGES (.igs, .iges)
  • VDA (.vda)
  • STEP (.stp, .step)
  • CATIA V4 (.model, .catdata, .exp)
  • CATIA V5 (.CATPart, .CATProduct)
  • Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b, .xmt)
  • ProE/NX Elysium Neutral (.enf)
  • Output Database (.odb)
  • Substructure (.sim)

It is important to note that not only individual parts can be imported. Among the imports available for Abaqus/CAE are the following:

  • Model (Imports a whole model for analysis, including material, mesh, etc.)
    • Abaqus/CAE Database (.cae)
    • Abaqus Input File (.inp, .pes)
    • Abaqus Output Database (.odb)
    • Nastran Input File (.bdf, .dat, .nas, .nastran, .blk, .bulk)
    • Ansys Input File (.cdb)
  • Sketches
    • ACIS SAT (.sat)
    • IGES (.igs, .iges)
    • STEP (.stp, .step)
    • AutoCAD DXF (.dxf)
  • Assemblies
    • Assembly Neutral (.eaf)
    • CATIA V4 (.model, .catdata, .exp)
    • Parasolid (.x_t, .x_b, .xmt)
    • ProE/NX Elysium Neutral (.enf)

To import a Part or a set of Parts into Abaqus/CAE, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Go to File > Import > Part

  2. Select the format from the drop down menu 

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