In order to work with Automotive OEMs, suppliers need to install the current OEM environment, often provided by the OEM in their portal. Integrating these environments into your own installation not only requires a specific set of skills but also more integration effort. This process can be simplified with OEM Environments for myPLM.

What Can OEM Environments for myPLM do?

Faster Updates: Quick and easy updates of CATIA
Easy Install: No CATIA administration skills necessary
Reduced Work: Decrease costs associated with searching, downloading and testing

Update Package

TECHNIA offer OEM packages for suppliers car manufacturers. The TECHNIA OEM supplier environments are available as an updated package for myPLM installations in Windows.

The TECHNIA update package is MultiCAD-capable and includes packages for Daimler and GM suppliers using an NX installation. These can be integrated into myPLM like CATIA V5 packages in the future.

OEM Update Service


  • OEM environments for CATIA V5, NX and Creo, tailor-made for use with myPLM
  • CAx updates and scripts for installation within the TECHNIA standard installation


  • Existing TECHNIA standard environments for CATIA V5, NX or Creo
  • myPLM start up and administration tool
  • Supplier status for the corresponding OEM environments
  • Sufficient hard disk capacity

Optional extension

Telephone, remote and / or on-site support for the instruction and implementation of the installation

Overview of OEM Supplier Environments

OEM TT Stamp  V5-6      NX     CREO     Build
BMW 2019_V.10 x   R26
Daimler CATIA 24_06_2014 Last version before Sundown x   R19
Daimler COMFOX     2018_V.03 x   R19/R24/R26/R29
Daimler NX 2019_V.04 x   NX12
Daimler JT 2019_V.03 x   19.11
Fiat 2018_V.01 x   NX11
Ford 2019_V.06 x   R29
GM 2019_V.03 x   NX11
Honda 2019_V.01 x   R28
Hyundai-KIA 2018_V.01 x   R25
JLR 2019_V.01 x   R26
MAN 2019_V.01 x   R28
Porsche 2019_V.12 x   R28
PSA 2018_V.01 x   R22
Scania 2019_V.01 x   R28
Toyota 2019_V.04 x   R27
Volvo Cars 2019_V.05 x   R28
Volvo Trucks 2019_V.03 x   R27
VW Group CATIA 2019_V.06 x   R28
VW Group CREO 2019_V.05 x 4.0 M070


myPLM – Administration and User Management for V5

Please note: The status and content of the supplier environments we offer are TECHNIA-maintained packages for myPLM. TECHNIA does not guarantee that the myPLM packages will reflect the current state and content of the OEM environments required by the OEM.

Please research the supplier portal of the respective OEM, it’s the required status and content of the supplier environment.

We can integrate any supplier packages into myPLM as long as you have supplier access and provide the relevant data.

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