Let's Plan Your Atlassian Cloud Migration Together

Migrating to Cloud is a journey. At the start of your journey, TECHNIA will help you assess your requirements and decide when or if Cloud is right. We will also analyze your add-ons and unique configurations. Together, we’ll answer questions like, “How do I move from premise to cloud?” And, “Is Atlassian Data Center going away?”

Cloud Assessment

Detailing requirements, timing, current landscape, and your migration team.


Understanding technical and operational pathways to agree on your migration strategy.


Communicating with stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition to your cloud environment.

Cloud Migration

First testing, analyzing, and then executing your migration while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Why Migrate to Atlassian Cloud?

Maintenance & Admin
  • Dependable updates
  • Reduce maintenance work
  • Improve performance
  • Reliable hosting performance
Ease of Use
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Improve speed and accessibility
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Secure 3rd party app integration
Security & Compliance
  • Ensure global compliance
  • Comprehensive privacy safeguards
  • Simplify reporting
  • Dedicated global security team

Atlassian Cloud Migration with TECHNIA

Cloud Assessment

We go through when migrating to Cloud makes sense for your team. This includes on-prem instances, add-ons, legal fulfillment, and integration with your other existing tools and systems. The conditions for migrating are different for all Teams/Companies. We weigh in on what is business-critical, what security is needed, and Data residency, among many other criteria.

Planning Phase

We help you choose your migration strategy and method. The method you choose will depend on your team’s unique needs for migration. Together with you, we go through the Pros and Cons to understand and select the best strategy and method for your team. Part of migration planning includes determining your app migration pathways or how you’ll migrate Server apps and app data to Cloud.

Team & Site Preparation

With your plan and estimated timelines in place, start socializing the details of your migration with stakeholders and the teams who will be impacted, so your users can get started smoothly with minimal disruption to their work. This step may happen sooner for some companies, depending on the criticality of migrating products. It’s also best to establish a communications cadence for when and how often you’ll be communicating updates, so teams are informed and prepared for the change.

Cloud Migration

We will do a test run in this phase, make sure everything is in order, figure out how long the migration will take, and uncover any issues before the production migration. Based on the result, we will plan and execute your cloud migration so that it will have no or limited impact on your daily operations.

Let's Get Started with Your Atlassian Cloud Migration

The best way to avoid getting stuck in fire-fighting mode is preparation.

Each Atlassian product deployment is unique, so we offer a breadth of services to design, implement, and optimize solutions for scale.

TECHNIA provides proactive and flexible support for your business-critical Atlassian applications. Our expert business consultants are available for local support 8/5, or global support 24/7, depending on your organizational requirements.

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