We're Part of the #1 PLM Ecosystem

TECHNIA is Proud to be a Dassault Systèmes Platinum Partner

Value Solutions Partner

As a trusted and experienced Dassault Systèmes solution and service provider, we bring best-in-class expertise to exceed your expectations.

Certification Center

The Dassault Systèmes’ certification program provides customers, users, partners, and students with a globally valuable index of PLM knowledge.

Education Partner

We provide dedicated education offers through access to specialized communities, cutting-edge apps, and educational content.

Where Can We Assist in Your PLM Implementation?

With over 30 years of experience as a Dassault Systèmes partner, we know everything there is to know about PLM implementation.


  • PHASE 1

This is all about understanding your business and your challenges and defining the benefits your business can expect from PLM implementation.


  • PHASE 2

Next, we'll develop a roadmap for your success and commit to our deliverables.


  • PHASE 3

Throughout the development phase, we'll work together to track progress in Atlassian and keep to our timeline.


  • PHASE 4

We'll help you make better decisions throughout your PLM and CAD roadmaps by providing an in-depth and cross-functional evaluation of your operations, processes, people, and data.


  • PHASE 5

We'll apply relevant industry experience to improve end-user experiences and help you achieve peak operational efficiency and data quality.


  • PHASE 6

With classroom, online, and blended courses available, our training courses have been developed to suit engineers based on our own experiences!


  • PHASE 7

We understand that your CAD and PLM solutions are critical business systems, and therefore top quality support, risk management, and minimized downtime are key to the delivery of projects and the success of the company.


  • PHASE 8

We offer a comprehensive range of hosting solutions, coupled with a unique suite of software solutions, that will ensure you have everything you need in one place.

What Happens After You've Implemented Your PLM Solution?

We'll work together with you to ensure a smooth rollout, but that's just where our journey begins!

Choose a PLM Partner to Work Together with You

We believe that a software solution or process should be fit for purpose for the specific requirements of the customer and end-users. Our aim is to use our experience, as one of the largest PLM providers in the world, and specific industry experience to improve end user experience, operational efficiency and data quality.


Choose Dedicated Global Support

The TECHNIA Customer Care (TCC) team consists of highly qualified consultants. Each member of the TCC team uses the software we support on a daily basis within our engineering workload. This means that we can relate to every issue you have, and we know the best ways to support you through them.


Custom Software Automation & Development

TECHNIA have developed our own brand of business focused tools and templates, created or configured in-house to help our customers get the best out of the PLM products we sell and support, in particular 3DEXPERIENCECATIA, SOLIDWORKS and ENOVIA SmarTeam.


Maximize the Benefits of Your PLM

No matter where you are in your software journey, making progress can sometimes feel daunting. Luckily, our experts are here to empower businesses like yours to make better decisions throughout your PLM and CAD roadmaps by providing an in-depth and cross-functional evaluation of your operations, processes, people, and data.


TECHNIA Software | Experience Packaged

Whether you need to enhance user productivity and system performance, or you're looking for a robust solution to ensure compliance to regulatory standards: our software offering is built on 30+ years of experience working with companies just like yours.

Data Quality, Validation & Model Modifications

Establish company standards, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and verify Product Data Quality (PDQ) fully integrated into PLM. Model comparison solutions validate conversions and document all modifications in parts, products, and drawings.


Usability & Adoption

Enhance user productivity, system performance and improve PLM user adoption rates. These solutions provide pre-built enhancements to standard out-of-the-box functionality, leading to faster and higher return on PLM investments, a reduction in cost of ownership, and enormous savings when upgrading to new platform releases.

Integrations & Performance

Flexible integration options for major enterprise systems such as ERP, SAP, and Dynamics, using multiple integration techniques like WebServices (SOAP and REST) and Messaging (JMS, AMQP & NativeMQ). Enhance your performance management with robust platform intelligence, troubleshooting, and database change management.


Lightweight Data Applications & Structured Collaboration

Enable fully integrated and distributed collaborative engineering to increase accuracy and productivity by standardizing partner interactions within your supply chain. Easily establish 3D as a common collaborative language with a complete portfolio of lightweight formats.