3DEXPERIENCE productivity and adoption with stunning user experience and lightning performance.

Reduce total cost of ownership, adapt 3DEXPERIENCE with products instead of customization, which allows for quick implementation and smooth upgrades. Leverage a rich set of configurable UI components for 3DSPACE, 3DDASHBOARD and standalone applications, developed on demand from more than 130 customers in 20 years.

Making Product Creation Easier

Discover the ways TECHNIA Value Components is making product creation easy & sustainable


Did you know that a 5 minute time saving in a 10,000 user system can add up to the total equivalent of more than 100 employees?
TECHNIA Value Components offers huge productivity improvements as it scales up with the number of users. A productive UI allows users to spend more time creating products, shortening lead times and reducing the risk of missed opportunity. Boost productivity by optimizing use cases, allowing users to stay in the same view. This offers a quick return of investment (ROI) by streamlining your most common use cases.

User Adoption

Did you know that many companies face the challenge of product data being handled unstructured in email?
Having well informed, confident users is a good way to ensure that the platform is used to its full potential. Equipping users with an intuitive, speedy, and click efficient experience is a good way to increase adoption rates. With TVC you can ensure high adoption rates, making sure standard methods and tools are used as much as they can be, allowing you to know exactly where the right information is kept and to be confident that processes are followed.


Did you know that the average 3DEXPERIENCE user spends more budget on upgrades than adapting to business needs?
With TVC, you can adapt the platform to suite your needs without costly and time consuming customizations. There is no need to choose between supporting users with an optimized platform or retain an upgradable and cost-efficient solution. You can have both. Configuring products instead of maintaining custom code is a good way of supporting business, still ensuring a low lifetime cost.

Key Capabilities of TECHNIA Value Components

Enhance Performance

Low network footprint and consolidated data selects ensure high performance for large tables and distant sites, whilst also reducing load on your hardware.

Optimize Processes

Optimize to your company specific processes by adapting to user needs. Design your own dashboards, consolidate views, access more in one page, and reduce clicks.

User Definition

Allow users to create definitions without the need for server deploy. Filter views based on saved searches, define your own tables and charts.


Configure that missing widget content to allow your users to stay in your use case driven dashboard views.

Guide Users

Make complex processes easy using configurable workflows with graphical overviews and instruction checklists. Instant notifications and automations speed things up, lowering lead times and the need for training.

Increase Availability

Responsive and data efficient UI's allow for optimized use on mobile, tablets or laptops in locations not possible with the standard application. Provide access to new user groups or use offline data for quick access in unrealiable networks or on the go.

Leverage Visualization

Present information in charts (pie, bar etc), overview and understand, pinpoint bottle necks, click chart value set, feed tables with result and analyse data from different perspectives.

Enhance Search

Configure search entry forms and result tables to your needs, or configure your own starting page and reduce the need for search.

Simplify Upgrades

Configure version independent products instead of writing version specific custom code. Deploy documented standard functionality, with lower lead times, required skillset, implementation and maintenance effort.

External Collaboration

Create offline packages enabling you to collaborate with suppliers or work offline.

Inline Collaboration

Increase traceability of product related discussions, that that usually end up in external email threads or chat dialogs, by integrating a good collaboration tool directly with any platform object.

Manage Files

One click edit and check in. Take control over all checked out files with tracked location adn quick actions. Drag & drop. File property transfer.

Enhance productivity, performance and usability:

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