Some of you may be aware or even have been anticipating the arrival of SIMULIA 2016 suite of applications. Now that it is here, to get it up and running can be an intimidating task, even for those of you with experience with installing older releases, as Dassault Systèmes have changed the installation process. This is highlighted during installation with the following warning:


At face value it is not apparent why they have changed the process, but with our additional links to Dassault Systèmes, we can assure you this is of benefit to the user.

What is included with the SIMULIA 2016 suite of software?

  • Abaqus Solver: This is the solver which both Abaqus CAE and 3DEXPERIENCE use for Finite Element Analysis
  • Abaqus CAE: The user interface, also known as the pre-processor and post processor
  • FlexNET/DSLS: The license server(s) for hosting network licenses.
  • Isight: Simulation work flow process developer
  • Tosca: Both fluid and structural optimisation
  • fe-safe: A purpose built application for fatigue analysis

If you have received your SIMULIA 2016 installation media, please follow the steps below in order to install and begin using your software successfully. Please be aware that not all of the included media is available to use out-of-the-box, it is completely dependant upon your number of tokens. 

In order to obtain the best results and to achieve a successful installation, please follow our recommended sequence of installs:

  1. Abaqus Solver
  2. Documentation a. Abaqus Documentation b. Isight, Tosca Documentation (Optional)
  3. Licence Server (Pick only one) a. FlexNET b. DSLS
  4. Abaqus product
  5. Isight, Tosca, fe-safe (Optional) a. Isight b. Tosca c. fe-safe

If you struggle with any part of the installation, or would just like to see more of what SIMULIA 2016 has to offer, please contact us.

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