Compare More Than Just Geometry Differences with xCompare

In times of global and simultaneous development processes, tools that support engineers with managing their complex design data are becoming increasingly important.

With xCompare, you can analyze CATIA V5, SMG and JT data to find differences between two revisions of a product, part and drawing, or to verify the conversion process. It traces not only geometry differences, but all design changes in CAD models.

Benefits of Comparing Model Modifications with xCompare

Supports the 3D Master Process & Data Archiving

Identify all design changes including changes to Functional Tolerancing & Annotation (FT&A). When validating data conversion, xCompare ensures no differences have arisen that may interfere with subsequent processes.

Save Time On Manual Model Comparison

The model comparison can now be done in either CATIA, or in batch mode, and does not have to be carried out manually. This reduces the potential for error and improves time-efficiency.

Reduction in Human Error & More Reliable Data

Manual review can involve human error, so there is a risk that changes in complex models will be overlooked. xCompare guarantees that all changes will be identified, ensuring more reliable data.

Fulfilment of Regulations for Documentation

In data conversion and long-term archiving, regulations may require that the generated or archived model data match the original data of the CAD system. xCompare V5 / JT and V5 / SMG ensure this requirement is met.

Simply Compare Models

The following document comparisons are currently possible:

xCompare V5 / V5

  • Fully integrated in CATIA V5
  • Compare Parts, Products and Drawings and CGR
  • Detect and display engineering changes in 2D & 3D from within CATIA, or with powerful reports in any browser
  • Add mark-up features to the model to illustrate and share the results
  • Intuitive user interface to create and edit configuration files

xCompare V5 / SMG

  • Ensure successful data translation from CATIA V5 into SMG
  • Fully integrated with CATIA V5
  • Read data in native format, no conversion needed
  • Validation of geometry, PMIs, attributes, etc.
  • Visualization of the results in CATIA

xCompare V5 / JT

  • Ensure successful data translation from CATIA V5 into JT
  • Fully integrated in CATIA V5
  • Read data in native format, no conversion required
  • Validation of geometry, PMIs, attributes etc.
  • Visualization of the results in CATIA

xCompare JT / JT

  • Integrated with TECHNIA’s JT viewer: LiteBox3D
  • Check parts and assemblies
  • Using TECHNIA’s own ISO based toolkit with full control and best performance
  • Intuitive user interface to create and edit configuration files
  • Finding differences in geometry, LODs, PMIs, properties, etc.
  • Batch mode for automated processes and 3D HTML reports

Key Features & Capabilities

Customizable Configuration

Users can create configurations according to the use case. The configuration file can be used across releases to have uniformity in check parameters and results.

Centralized Features

xCompare combines all comparison possibilities for Parts, Products, Drawings, CGR in one place.

Meaningful Reporting

xCompare generates multiple meaningful reports in xml, HTML and 3DHTML format. Report layouts can be adapted to customer requirements.

Batch Run

xCompare has the capability to run in batch mode. For instance, to automatically create change reports within the PDM systems.

Feature Based Comparison

Along with geometrical comparisons, xCompare compares models based on features. This enables xCompare to find all differences in parameters, names, color, etc.

FT&A Comparisons

xCompare has the capability to compare FT&A features like Tolerances, Annotations, Welding, Tables, Texts etc.

Special Checks

xCompare has several special checks like 3D Representation, Wireframe, Electrical Harness, etc. These are widely applied to serve special use cases.


xCompare significantly outperforms other comparison tools. Best use of CPU ensured by multithreaded calculations.

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