The complete package for 3D Collaboration

Lite3D is a solution that enables all users, no matter the device, to work with 3D models, on the same platform. With the help of the JT standard, 3D can be established as a common corporate language without being slowed down by cumbersome native CAD data

Basic viewing is free for commercial use!

Set up 3D as an affordable collaborative collaboration language that goes beyond engineering across the extended enterprise.

Key Benefits of using Lite3D

3D data for all users

Establishing 3D as a common collaboration language with less discussion and misunderstandings compared to 2D.

Reduce cost and complexity of CAD based processes

Relying on industry proven, lightweight, neutral formats such as JT and STEP saves expensive CAD licenses.

View 3D models on any device.

Due to its slim format, 3D data can be easily accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
Use LiteBox3D Web viewer or Export models as HTML web page for viewing in a web browser.

Use Plug-ins

Add plug-ins to extend viewer capabilities. For example, for checking data quality or comparing models.

Download free version of LiteBox3D

LiteBox3D can be used for free with additional features available to purchase in the Pro Version.

Lite3D Product Portfolio

Lite3D product portfolio consists of a web and a desktop viewer as well as plug-ins to extend the functionality of the desktop viewer

LiteBox3D Desktop Viewer

LiteBox3D Desktop is a free and easy to use viewer for neutral CAD files such as JT, STEP, VRML, OBJ.

LiteBox3D Desktop is a powerful and free to use viewer, which supports multiple neutral 2D and 3D formats such as: JT ISO standard, PLMXML, STEP AP242, OBJ, WRL and TIFF.

This viewer can be expanded with add-on applications for IP protection, model comparison and quality validation.

The Pro version extends the capabilities of the free viewer with features such as redlining, 3DHTML export and more.

LiteBox3D Web Viewer

Make 3D data available to all users without losing control of your data.

LiteBox3D Web Viewer is a user-friendly JT viewer based on HTML5. 3D data can be displayed in any browser and on any device.


Check model quality

LiteComply is a compliance tool that checks whether JT models conform with the development guidelines of a customer in the area of ​​geometry, structure and methodology, and meet both legal regulations and the requirements for subsequent processes.


IP protection for JT files

LiteDrop enables easy management of the content of JT files to increase viewing performance and protecting your IP.


Validate the legal compliance of your vehicle design and architecture in JT

When developing new vehicles, standards, guidelines and norms from different countries must be taken into account. LiteCar ensures the legal compliance of the vehicle architecture during the construction phase. Typical international standards such as GTR or Euro NCAP are available and individual, company-specific standards can be integrated.

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