The GD&T Training Course provides a comprehensive introduction into how to apply, read and understand technical drawings employing Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing.


2 days

Course Objective:

Several years ago, unable to source suitable training for our own engineering staff, TECHNIA set about developing our own bespoke GD&T training, which is now offered as a commercial course to other engineering companies. As a result, TECHNIA are an OEM Endorsed GD&T Training Provider, recognised as an important element for all engineers wanting to achieve engineering chartered status.

The GD&T training course provides a comprehensive introduction into how to apply, read and understand technical drawings employing Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. The GD&T language has been standardised by various technical bodies including ASME, ISO and SANS, see below. In general the basic principles remain the same, with only a few specific differences, which will be outlined.

Our standard course is aligned to:

  • ASME Y14.5-2009 International Drawing Standard
  • BS 8888

With the following available upon request:

  • ASME Y14.5-1994 International Drawing Standard
  • SANS 10111 South African National Standard
  • ISO International Drawing Standard

After completing this course, engineers will be able to:

  • Correctly identify and apply GD&T practices to parts and drawings
  • Apply suitable tolerances to mating parts and features, to ensure assembly fit and functionality
  • Correctly interpret technical drawings
  • Understand the allowable variation in finished part size, as compared to the idealised form
  • Understand the inspection methods required to check part suitability

Who Should Attend?

This Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing course is suited towards all individuals involved in the design & manufacturing processes, from design engineers through to manufacturing engineers, technicians and inspectors of all abilities. Whilst no prior knowledge is required, some familiarity with part drawings and general manufacturing processes would be helpful.

The course is divided into lectures and practical exercises, designed to reinforce the concepts introduced during the course.

TECHNIA are an OEM endorsed training provider

Companies strive to improve their profitability, and a key element to achieve this is the link between product design and manufacture. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is a standardized system that, when understood and used effectively, can significantly reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality.

It is important to understand that no manufactured part can ever be made to an exact size as specified in a CAD model. There will always be some variation in terms of form, orientation, or position due to the imperfections of any manufacturing process.

It is a design engineer’s role to detail the limits of this size variation, to ensure that the part will still meet its requirements. Manufacturing engineers must then take this design, and ensure that adequate processes are in place to produce suitably finished components. Obviously, the tighter the controls applied by designers, the more difficult it is for manufacturers (and therefore more expensive), to produce parts.

GD&T is an approach to part design that allows far greater control over form, orientation, and position of features, as compared to traditional limit-based dimensioning.  Whilst this approach initially sounds complicated, it provides flexibility to greatly control the size and position of features to ensure functional parts, and increase the available tolerance on features.  These often larger tolerances can reduce manufacturing costs and reduce scrap rates.

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