With Share, both machines & production teams can interact. Move forward to the next generation CMMS.

Key Benefits

Operations Focused

Contextualized and relevant best action for the workforce.

Multi Devices

Optimized for mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) & integrable into a Human Machine Interface.


Connecting machines & workforce in a collaborative application.

Share Features

Gather machines and workforce in a social network for production plants

  • Messages from machines & workforces posted in a single news feed
  • Real-time & personalized notifications
  • Traceability of all machines messages & human actions

Diagnose production issues faster with more accuracy

  • Global performance overview based on highly customizable dashboards
  • Visualization of real-time machines data

Steer your workforce to the best action with contextualized work orders

  • Live recommendations from the machines according to the production context
  • Real-time data and detailed work instructions embedded into machines messages to help the workforce to accomplish the recommendations

Digitize shop floor operations: From maintenance planning to reports

  • Automated maintenance planning according to the real machines conditions
  • Paperless & documented maintenance procedures
  • Enhanced maintenance reports by taking & annotating pictures
  • Shortened reports edition integrating real-time IoT data & speech to text

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