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The Simulation Innovation Forum (SIMIF) is evolving into a series of online bite sized advanced simulation events.

Get a hands-on overview on systems modeling and testing program virtualization to assess and develop your products faster and more sustainably.

You will see how the acausal modeling language Modelica can be fully taken advantage of through Dymola to build multi-purpose physics models of complete vehicles which are then used in entire virtual test programs within the same simulation environment.

About this Event

In the opening session we will focus on systems modeling and how the Modelica language approach lends itself to multi-domain / multi-physics systems integration compared to more traditional procedural code solutions.

Simulations can be used to help estimate and reduce risk while evaluating design concepts. But also add value later in the development process as an efficient fault-finding process, as you can test the effects of partial or complete component failure on the safety and dynamics of the system. Simulations can also extend to replacing entire physical test programs. The case study presents a virtual methodology to exercise vehicle models. This enables the generation of test data that can be used in durability analysis tools to predict the mode and also the point of failure of the powertrain and driveline components. The same methodology could be applied to other subsystems and also applied to non-automotive applications.

Topics Covered

  • Benefits of systems modeling
  • Acausal vs. causal (procedural code)
  • Application examples
  • Industrial case study benefit (durability testing)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with an interest in multi-physics systems modeling and testing virtualization.

Why Attend?

Live Workshop

Gain live experience in Dymola and the Modelica modeling language.

Industry Experts

Presentation and workshops given by simulation industry experts.

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Discover the benefits of virtual durability testing!


10:00 – 10:30 | Benefits of systems modeling inc. Acausal vs. Causal approach

10:30 – 11:10   | Application examples

11:10 – 11:30   | Industrial case study benefit (durability testing)

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Meet the Speakers

Alessandro Picarelli

Alessandro Picarelli

Engineering Director
David Briant

David Briant

Project Engineer

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