The Engineering Design team at TECHNIA strive to offer services that are tailored and refined to help our clients deliver their projects. We understand that every project presents a unique set of challenges, requiring a combination of creativity, robust engineering definition and project management.


Research must be at the heart of any company if they want to offer forward looking solutions and question what has been done in the past. TECHNIA prides itself on having a resourceful team that like to challenge tradition, whilst rewarding lateral thinking and encouraging diverse reasoning during design reviews. TECHNIA partners with a number of academic institutes, and has a particularly close relationship with Cranfield University where it sponsors MSc and PhD students, developing forward thinking research projects that can be applied to our engineering programmes.

CAD Design

3D CAD is the backbone of the engineering design process; it enables the creation of design concepts and forms the basis of information to support manufacture. It also facilitates communication and the exchange of ideas across a multi-disciplined team and is the key element of product development. TECHNIA deploy various major CAD toolsets, operating within a data management environment that allows the business to operate concurrent engineering programmes knowing that all stakeholders can share CAD and office based data throughout the team. CAD data is used to enable a range of support activities including CNC Manufacture, Finite Element Analysis, Photorealistic Rendering, Digital Mock-up, Assembly Simulation and Ergonomic Assessment.

Detail Design

Once a concept layout has been defined, the most important stage is the development of the detail design. This is where TECHNIA’s engineers really deliver, refining the detail of the design to match the component specification. TECHNIA work closely with manufacturers to ensure the correct definition of tolerances and selection of manufacturing processes through the careful application of Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). With strong capability in this area, at TECHNIA we have developed and deliver our own bespoke Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Training to our supply base.

Cost Down

Often a design is manufactured in high volume and making even fractional savings on component costs has a significant benefit. The key to a cost down study is identifying if the cost of a component can be reduced without adversely affecting its function. Cost down benefits can be achieved through reducing part count, complexity, component specification, assembly lead-times, packaging, distribution costs and warranty costs, alternatively by increasing product modularity or component reuse.

Component Testing

Wherever possible TECHNIA aim to reduce the level of component testing by utilising computer modelling and simulation techniques to provide detailed analysis of a component or assembly, however on occasion full validation can only be achieved by extensive rig testing. Testing can be required to evaluate alternative design solutions, investigate a particular solution or carrying out specific robustness or sensitivity studies. Testing is carried out by our engineering team in a facility that includes climatic chambers for functional testing at elevated and reduced temperatures. Our technicians are highly experienced in defining and manufacturing bespoke technical test rigs for a wide range of scenarios, developing simple solutions to provide engineers with the necessary information with which to make critical decisions.


A component can only be considered to meet its objectives if it operates successfully across a range of operating conditions. Through many years of experience, TECHNIA have developed techniques and processes that ensure robustness is an integral part of our designs. Our engineers understand the principles that yield robust designs and when combined with processes and toolsets such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), TECHNIA are able to identify, quantify and validate the specific risks associated with components or product assemblies and their proposed methods of manufacture. TECHNIA also carry out detailed tolerance studies to evaluate tolerance build up and where necessary combine these with the application of Design of Experiments in order to define which parameters are most likely to influence the performance and reliability of a design.

Materials & Processes

Making the right selection of material and manufacturing process is instrumental in determining how a design will perform, its durability and its manufacturing cost. Furthermore the selection of material and manufacturing process can be a major element of competitive advantage. Functional and quality requirements, projected life cycle, production volume and in-house or supply base facilities and expertise are prime factors to consider when selecting a material and manufacturing process. TECHNIA are able to evaluate these factors using a combination of material databases, software tools and experience within its engineering team, suppliers and manufacturing partners.

Electronics & Software

TECHNIA boast a fully integrated electronics team offering a range of bespoke electronic design and development services, supporting feasibility studies, concept demonstrators and manufacturing support. The team has a wealth of experience in developing products with on-board microprocessors, digital signal processing, embedded software, sensors, instrumentation, data collection and analysis. At TECHNIA, we are able to support robust low volume prototype hardware to meet system designs, along with embedded software. Additionally, TECHNIA have a team of internal software development engineers who work with clients at the system level to capture their requirements and then develop the software and test specification. Software is developed in a suite of languages to suit the specific needs and is version controlled for lifecycle management.

Supplier Selection

At TECHNIA, we have developed a comprehensive network of proven and trusted suppliers with first-hand experience of off-shore sourcing of components and complete assembled products. TECHNIA are also able to offer independent and objective selection of suppliers, including supplier audits where required. We are often required to liaise closely with a client’s internal procurement team to support production supply and in some cases have been asked to support the development and documentation of assembly and test procedures as well as designing dedicated jigs and assembly equipment.

Prototype Supply

TECHNIA have an extensive workshop and prototyping facility along with close ties to selected suppliers operating within the Formula 1 motorsport valley. We offer a range of rapid prototyping processes through its strong links with a list of approved bureau’s that deliver on exacting standards for quality and speed, including High Speed CNC Machining, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA). These accurate high quality visual models can be used to support interim design checks, management sign off or testing.

Automated Intelligent Design (AID)

TECHNIA can help you capture and re-use the skills and knowledge held within your business to create automated systems which join up design and analysis. This can be used to speed up the cycle time associated with the generation and iteration of viable concepts. AID embeds knowledge on detailed design features and tolerances, and focuses improvement strategy by highlighting rules that cost performance or money. At the heart of this approach are sophisticated parametric models that allow extreme flexibility of form within an adaptable ‘tree’ structure. The thousands of parameters are then linked by design rules so that ultimately the designer only inputs high level features. The model is then ‘ported’ into classical and FEA tools that provide feedback against target performance characteristics. The cycle time is typically minutes allowing a design team to interactively explore options and get with high confidence to an aggressive, optimised solution.

Starting with a clean sheet of paper with a clear brief from our client, TECHNIA (formerly Intrinsys) were commissioned to resolve an issue within the construction industry. Development of a working prototype was a major step in providing investors with the confidence to continue funding the project, which is now on its way to be a fully developed production solution.

Why Choose TECHNIA?

TECHNIA fields a team of highly educated and skilled engineers, many with over 20+ years of engineering expertise. We value individual innovation, encouraging our engineers to take personal responsibility and deliver a service that is seen as an extension of our customer’s internal team.

With advanced design capability in both mechanical and electrical engineering, complimented with comprehensive analysis and simulation skills, TECHNIA deliver fully simulated product designs and manufacturing processes.

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