The Challenge

Asylon are a small and agile team that needed to accelerate regulatory compliance and design testing to meet the pace of innovation in the drone industry.

The Solution

Asylon chose CATIA, ENOVIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, hosted on TECHNIA’s Government Cloud to model and manage complex product designs while enabling efficient and secure communication across divisions.

The Results

Asylon now save hours every week by replicating workflows and delivering a uniform product every time. With the team fully motivated to use 3DEXPERIENCE, Asylon are now prepared to iterate, innovate, and grow rapidly.

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saved per week
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"The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the ideal solution for bringing all our teams together within a single environment and delivering what we need to push the boundaries of aerospace and automation."
Adam Mohamed | Co-Founder & CTO, Asylon

With better data management and a more efficient development process, Asylon are achieving optimal collaboration across design, engineering, and production. With concurrent, 3D models available to everyone, improved communication is saving hours every week.

Enhanced Data Sovereignity and Collaboration

Data sovereignty is a critical aspect for government and defense organizations, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and infrastructure. Asylon’s decision to utilize TECHNIA’s cloud infrastructure signifies their trust in the platform’s ability to meet stringent security standards and address regulatory requirements, including ITAR/EAR compliance.

TECHNIA’s cloud-based PLM solution, now hosted on our own infrastructure, offers robust data sovereignty features. The platform incorporates advanced encryption technologies and stores all data in secure data centers, ensuring the highest level of security for critical assets.

Why Asylon Chose 3DEXPERIENCE with TECHNIA

Asylon opted for TECHNIA’s hosted 3DEXPERIENCE implementation to securely store and manage their critical product data. The real-time collaboration capabilities enable seamless teamwork, regardless of geographical location. Leveraging a cloud-based approach empowers Asylon to scale their platform usage as needed without investing in additional hardware or infrastructure.

TECHNIA’s cloud-hosting provides numerous benefits beyond meeting stringent security requirements for government and defense industries. Organizations from various sectors can streamline product development processes, reduce time-to-market, and enhance collaboration between teams.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Cloud PLM?

By selecting TECHNIA’s infrastructure, Asylon reaffirms the security and reliability of the platform, especially for customers obligated to meet high compliance standards and stringent security requirements. As more businesses turn to the cloud for PLM solutions, TECHNIA’s cloud-based offerings continue to evolve, meeting the dynamic needs of industries worldwide.

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