What is the 3DEXERIENCE Platform?

Dassault Systèmes describe 3DEXPERIENCE as a Business Experience Platform which provides applications and services that enable digital transformation to a data-driven, model-based environment. What this means is that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings together people, processes, and data in a cloud-based environment to help make collaboration simple for all your teams. Empower your organization with industry-leading solutions from product innovation, design, and development through to manufacturing, marketing, and delivery.

How 3DEXPERIENCE Supports Business Development

Connect Stakeholders and Data for Collaboration

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows users to analyze structured and unstructured data, combine data from external and internal sources, and create dashboards that offer actionable information to all stakeholders in a secure and auditable manner. Data is processed using advanced algorithms, which identify relevant trends and generate new insights. For example, by monitoring user input on social media, you can gain valuable information about the elements that influence your product’s adoption rate. By using a data-driven method to analyze social and usage information on the platform, innovators gain a comprehensive insight of their customers’ working environment.

Business Innovation is the First Step

Business Innovation, the foundation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, digitally connects all stakeholders across the product development process. It enables users to create dashboards and communities that empower teams to share, experiment, and innovate with a higher degree of confidence. Further, Business Innovation securely aggregates data from across the enterprise, enabling stakeholders to gather valuable feedback and improve productivity.

Now that people and data are connected for collaboration, teams have access to powerful capabilities for design, simulation, data and lifecycle management, and more. Plan, create, and release your products with the data and PLM solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Boost productivity, cooperation, and creativity. Manage product designs and documentation straight from your design application, while storing your CAD data in the cloud for easy sharing. Allow your teams to manage projects in real time and conduct lifecycle tasks including revising, releasing, and locking/unlocking.

Exploring the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform User Experience

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is developed to combine all aspects of the engineering process, and business, into one connected environment where teams can collaborate on projects much more easily.

It’s navigated via a single, user-friendly interface which hosts many software tools for 3D design, analysis, and simulation, allowing team members to work in the same primary software environment and access the same data and files. This integrated platform can be used on-premise or online, depending on how your organization is structured.

What is the 3D Compass?

The 3DEXPERIENCE compass describes four major areas of business operations and the solutions that Dassault Systèmes provide for these disciplines:

  • Social & Collaboration Apps (ENOVIA, 3DSwYm)
    • Create online internal and external communities
    • Enhanced media version control
  • Information Intelligence Apps (EXALEAD and Netvibes)
    • Out-of-the-box dashboard capability
    • Intuitively segment information and content
  • Content & Simulation Apps (DELMIA, SIMULIA, 3DVIA, B.I. Essentials)
    • Virtual prototyping and process simulation
    • Resource, manufacturing, and operations management
    • Lean manufacturing and supply chain optimization
  • 3D Modelling Apps (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS)
    • Share Interactive 3D Models throughout your organization

In legacy installations, the compass functioned as a 4-button navigational tool, guiding users to the set of applications they required. With the release of 3DEXPERIENCE 2021x, Dassault Systèmes introduced the new compass experience which now lists all of your apps in one place, rather than dividing them into quadrants.


The new compass provides a gateway to all relevant applications available for your specific role. It also reveals which applications are available to your company, as well as an overview of the complete portfolio from Dassault Systèmes. Furthermore, it provides an overview of online services, like 3D-printing or component suppliers.

Read more about the new compass experience in our blog, “What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE R2021x?

Precise and Quick Search Function

3DEXPERIENCE has a powerful and precise search function. At first, the term you are searching for may lead to tens of thousands of results. However, by using keywords and selecting certain types of documents (e.g., physical products, root documents), it takes just a few clicks to reach the exact results you need.

Easy Access to Design Applications

CATIA and SOLIDWORKS have the same look and feel as the dashboard. Like Windows Explorer, the 3D-visualization works by using 3D thumbnails. The information in the system is no longer file-based, but rather database-based. This means that it’s already possible to navigate in the product structure. Users are constantly working based on current product data. It solves the issue of duplicate files and means that data sets only need to be taken care of once. Document properties (“locked for editing”, red = old version) are also immediately made visible.

The major advantage of 3DEXPERIENCE is that it enables numerous developers to work on the same context simultaneously. You can quickly navigate through large assemblies to find the parts needed for the job. Components that are to be changed will be locked.

In Our Experience…

This model-based approach isn’t just used in the development process; it’s used in many aspects of the business. Throughout the product’s life cycle, virtual models are constantly linked with behavioral data from real systems. The information is used to examine trends and improve the operational experience. Any changes to the product are first simulated, fine-tuned, and optimized in the virtual model before being implemented in the real world.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the underpinning apps and services that enable the transformation to a digital, data-driven, model-based environment. The common apps and services provide an effective way to connect everyone early in the innovation process.

3DEXPERIENCE enables you, your teammates, and interdepartmental colleagues to:

  • Easily access all the latest information needed for your daily work on one platform,
  • Fluently and seamlessly cooperate,
  • Efficiently navigate large amounts of data,
  • Share a stake, revise, and refine vital business processes.

Want to see 3DEXPERIENCE in action?

Watch our Overview of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform webinar on-demand to gain a better understanding of the benefits and functionality!

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