This article was originally published online and in print Swedish by Dagens Industri.

Combining industry-leading tools for Product Lifecycle Management with over 30 years of experience and specialist knowledge, TECHNIA helps your company along the journey from product concept to implementation.

Eliminate Non-Value-Adding Activities

“Companies choosing to invest in an innovation platform often consult us since they spend too much time on pure administration. These companies are faced by a number of different regulatory requirements that take up an enormous amount of time. So much so, that it lands on the companies’ most skilled engineers, designers, and developers to address, who otherwise could spend time developing new innovations.

We help companies devote more time to value adding activities by implementing systems that simplify administration and facilitate innovation. You don’t have to get rid of manpower, but the skilled personnel you actually have available within your company should be given the space to carry out their core tasks. We are transforming regulatory pressure and complexity into a competitive advantage.”

Annelie Uvhagen, Life Sciences Director | TECHNIA.

“A customer put it very simply when she said that, if you don’t have the right tools in place to handle administration, the process is significantly prolonged. And you become reluctant to implement changes – even an improvement – on a product, since it results in extra administrative work. There is an imminent risk of Sweden’s innovative pace suffering as a result of not implementing the right tools and support for information management.”

Rehan Chaudry, Sales Executive | TECHNIA


More Products to Market, Faster, at a Lower Cost

“During the corona pandemic, the pharmaceutical companies we work with have had to build product platforms. This is exactly what we’ve helped them to handle efficiently. In record time, they have developed COVID-19 vaccines, thanks largely to these companies being able to pick out components from within their existing product range and combine them in new ways to generate new results.

TECHNIA also works alongside leading companies working on cancer research and treatment, within the medical device industry. These companies can use their product platforms to structure their information and are able to evaluate, combine and test outcomes, by simulations in a prototype or a digital twin more easily.

It’s cost-effective, safe and you may move quicker from the product development process onto starting clinical studies, as the system makes all data easily accessible, traceable and transparent, which greatly facilitates documentation and compliance of regulatory requirements.”

Henrik Limborg, Team Manager | TECHNIA

Life Sciences PLM Innovation Forum

On October 21, 2021, TECHNIA’s annual event Life Sciences PLM Innovation Forum will be held, where they gather industry leaders in the fields of Medical Device and BioPharma from around the world to participate in the virtual event and share groundbreaking knowledge, debate and discuss sustainable innovation and product development in a world increasingly digitalized and governed by regulations.

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