It’s that time of year again. Do you know when your rental license(s) will expire?

Once you have agreed to the rental of your new Dassault Systèmes license, you will need to bear in mind that each seat will ONLY auto renew, as many other products do, if it’s an annual rental. Unless your work or your requirements for the license change, this will stay active as long as you need it (with renewal costs incurred each year).

On the other hand, if you have a 3 month or quarterly license this will STOP on the renewal date unless you take action to renew the lease.

To ensure that you continue to receive great value from your license(s) all year round, follow these simple tips:

  • Get to know your account manager: This member of the TECHNIA team is there to make your life easier and ensure that you receive exceptional value from your license(s). Feel free to call and ask them anything. They are happy to help so it is worth keeping their details safe.
  • Save the date: It’s such a simple, but crucial step. Make sure that you know when that seat is going to expire. If you don’t know the date, give your account manager a call and they will let you know.
  • Remember, we will keep you updated: One month before your license is set for renewal you will receive a call to help you make a decision regarding your next year’s rental. This gives you time to investigate any useful updates, or time to consider changing how you finance the license to optimise your costs moving forward.
  • Finally, make sure your paperwork is in order: Simple things can sometimes create the longest delay. Make sure you have signed and dated everything, checking all the right boxes are ticked in the right places.

Here are a few more things for you to consider…

If you have YLC Licenses:

  • Changes in licenses and the finances involved can take a little longer to process as they often require involvement from third parties, such as Dassault Systèmes.
  • If you find yourself needing your license(s) longer than you originally thought, why not consider a purchase? It could work out more cost effective for you in the long term.
  • TECHNIA are able to provide low rate finance through their finance partner for expenditures over £5000, inclusive of software, maintenance, hardware and services. Speak to our sales team for more information.

If you have 3 Month Rental Licenses:

  • If you don’t want to change anything and want to ensure that you don’t experience down time, then you will need to take action. This requires approximately one week’s notice.

These tips should help you make sure that the last minute rush for your next license is a thing of the past.

For more information, feel free to contact a member of the TECHNIA team.

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